My telegram bot experience, please feel free to order a bot

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I was working on two Telegram bots this week. If you need one, please feel free to contact me. If it's just a simple bot, and Java or Go is fine (my choice, though), I can consider making the bot for free. This only lasts during weekends in May, 2016. I just need to improve my bot skills further. I'll be happy to work on more complicated bots, or using other languages (Node.JS, Python, C#, C++) — but that's not going to be free.

Unfortunately I'm limited by my NDA, so I can't tell you what bot I created. But it was pretty complicated one: it covered all of the Telegram functions, except inline bot features. Long-polling or web-hooks, custom keyboards or hiding keyboards, personal bot or bot for group chats — whatever. Ah, also please don't think I won't be taking orders on inline bots — that's not true. I will be happy to learn.

My contacts: Skype balkinrn, email or Jabber , Viber or Telegram +79179939999.

My profiles at freelance websites are available on request.

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