Hire me

Hi! I decided to write a few words about my skills.

I will be happy to assist you when you need a backend developer for a short period of time. Programming language or framework is not an issue, I can work on whatever platform you have. If you've got a ton of old unmaintained code — that's perfect! I love digging and getting to know how it works. Furthermore, I can fix it. I love challenges.

Although I can work with any platform or programming language, I have got two favourites: Java and Groovy. I'm also mastering Go now, since I loved it when I tried it. There're three P-languages I use: Python, PHP, Perl. I also did a few .NET projects in C#. That's a start: most popular languages, and I have the most experience with them.

So, what can I do for you?

You have a service and want an API for it? Great!
You have a product and want to integrate it with a service? Great!
… With two similar services? Even better! I'll make an interface and two implementations. Integrating another service later will be a breeze!
You need to cleanup a code from previous developer? Perfect!

I also love being a "go to guy", although that's not very popular practice when I'm working remotely. But still, I can guide your developers, write some manuals, and record some screencasts.

Check my profile at freelancer.com, or my profile at upwork.com.

My Skype is balkinrn, Jabber or Email is ruslanbalkin@gmail.com, and Telegram is balkin.