Vacation & future plans

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I had quite a few plans for this vacation: to read more books, look into some Go and PHP projects, deal with my finances (banking). Diana had some plans to do with her blog. Unfortunately, my travel broke all of the plans.

Well, not all of them: I started to read more, and also played chess for a few next times. And it was much better than the first game (I was winning but made a stupid move and made a stalemate).

My one & only minimalist plan for today is - upload the images (as much as possible, as soon as possible).

I met an internet buddy yesterday and we went to hospoda (Czech pub) and had 4 beer each. We stayed somewhere in Vinohrady (Prague 3), to visit a local pub and watch the atmosphere. Looks like I was the only foreigner in there.

After beer, our conversation greatly improved. I can't tell which language we used: it was probably a blend of Czech, English and Russian. Thanks god & beer for improving my brain (well, at least Speech Center).